Check if the working dir is clean:

[[ -z $(git status -s) ]] && ...


HEAD^       # 1 commit before head
HEAD^^      # 2 commits before head
HEAD~5      # 5 commits before head


# create a new branch
  git checkout -b $branchname
  git push origin $branchname --set-upstream

# get a remote branch
  git fetch origin
  git checkout --track origin/$branchname

# delete local remote-tracking branches (lol)
  git remote prune origin

# list merged branches
  git branch -a --merged

# delete remote branch
  git push origin :$branchname


# Rebase your changes on top of the remote master
  git pull --rebase upstream master
# Squash multiple commits into one for a cleaner git log
# (on the following screen change the word pick to either 'f' or 's')
  git rebase -i $commit_ref


# Import .gitmodules
  git submodule init

# Clone missing submodules, and checkout commits
  git submodule update --init --recursive

# Update remote URLs in .gitmodules
# (Use when you changed remotes in submodules)
  git submodule sync


Diff with stats

git diff --stat
app/a.txt    | 2 +-
app/b.txt    | 8 ++----
2 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 84 deletions(-)

Just filenames

git diff --summary

Log options

  e11e9f9 Commit message here

  shows "(origin/master)"

  shows graph lines

  "2 hours ago"


Cherry pick

git rebase 76acada^


# get current sha1 (?)
  git show-ref HEAD -s

# show single commit info
  git log -1 f5a960b5

# Go back up to root directory
  cd "$(git rev-parse --show-top-level)"

Short log

 $ git shortlog
 $ git shortlog HEAD~20..    # last 20 commits

 James Dean (1):
     Commit here
     Commit there

 Frank Sinatra (5):
     Another commit
     This other commit


git bisect start HEAD HEAD~6
git bisect run npm test
git checkout refs/bisect/bad   # this is where it screwed up
git bisect reset

Manual bisection

git bisect start
git bisect good   # current version is good

git checkout HEAD~8
npm test          # see if it's good
git bisect bad    # current version is bad

git bisect reset  # abort


git log --grep="fixes things"  # search in commit messages
git log -S"window.alert"       # search in code
git log -G"foo.*"              # search in code (regex)